The South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius

The South Node represents what we know well so I am inclined to believe that the sign of the South Node indicates an intense focus of what has interested us in our past lives and what we are comfortable with and possibly excelling in those traits of the sign of the South Node.

My daughter has Leo South Node (plus venus and jupiter in leo too) and she just has a gift entertaining others. She has no backstage ‘jitters’ and when performing she is in her “element.” I feel that she has been in the entertainment industry in some capacity in her past lives due to this comfortable ease in performance. 

Those with South Node in Leo are often a “natural’ when it comes to getting up in front of others and performing something that you do well. Even public speaking requires a good command of ones ability to get in front of a crowd and speak without feeling nervous and jittery.

Leo South Node is probably the life of the party with this placement. Leo Energy just has to ‘perform’ as it is in their blood. Leo desires to make people happy and many do this effortlessly, putting others at ease and with a friendliness that inclines us to be ‘happy.’

I like to say that Leos “brighten up the place.” When there is some activity going on there is often a Leo at the helm. Making sure everyone is wearing a smile and if not, Leo doesn’t hesitate to put on the charm and get them smiling. Leo is quite the charmer when necessary. Almost impossible to ‘turn down’ someone going out of their way to make us comfortable. This is Leo’s Gift.

I would check to see how your South Node is aspected too. Conjunctions, squares, and oppositions would give an ‘estimate’ of how well you will move into the direction of the North Node because at 180 degrees apart, a planet that conjuncts your South Node would be in opposition to your North Node. A planet that squares the South Node would also square the North Node indicating some personal discomfort in making this “change” of activity.

I think sometimes that when there is much activity to the South Node that there could be such a ‘hanging on’ to the past that it will make it more difficult to move onto your future North Node destination. Especially when there are many planets conjunct your South Node. Conjunctions are our most powerful aspect which merges the energy of two planets for good or bad.

You have an Aquarius North Node so in this lifetime (and/or your next lifetime) there will be a “changing of the guard’ from entertainment, creativity, and children (Leo Energy) to humanitarian interests that will help all of mankind. You are moving from a ‘comfort base’ of one on one ‘entertaining’ to a larger interest in the welfare of all the world’s people. Quite the difference in the effect of the Leo Energy moving toward the Aquarius Energy.

Aquarius needs a cause and works diligently from the background in order to help whatever “cause” needs help. This would include such problems as world hunger and poverty to ridding the planet of the exploitation of the young and innocent. Sex trafficking is epidemic and taking up this cause would reduce much suffering and abuse. These are the kinds of issues that Aquarius tackles.

Leo may entertain the troops and put a smile on their face and Aquarius will make sure they are fed and have a blanket. Both signs are helpful in their own way. A smile is a beautiful thing and Leo has made many ‘smile’ while Aquarius works behind the scene to improve the conditions of those that are smiling. We need both energies but you will be heading for humanitarian causes.

And I feel that there are times in our lives when we just “know” something from our past. It can be through a song, a certain type of cooking, or from a ‘smell’, or from the texture of a cloth or blanket, or a spiritual ‘knowing’ from personal experiences. I have been interested in Native American Indians ever since I could remember and had a library book with full color portraits of Indian Chiefs and I just couldn’t put it down. I was 8 or years old. Found out much later in life that I had a full-blooded Cherokee Great-Great-Grandmother on my mother’s side of the family. My ‘staring’ at the Indian Chiefs might have happened because I ‘knew’ the respect an Indian Chief receives from a past life spent with the Cherokee Indians?

Ask and ye shall find. Certain memories, however vague, can ‘open’ doors long since closed. Or barely remembered. This is what the South Node means to me.So look to your South Node for indications of your past life(lives) and meditate on this during your life. Dreams are very revealing sources for past life information


3 thoughts on “The South Node in Leo and North Node in Aquarius

  1. louisa says:

    Thank you i found this very helpful,

  2. Anon says:

    I’m not sure I agree that Aquarius is a ‘behind the scenes’ type always. In fact, many talk show hosts (Oprah, Ellen, Arsenio Hall) are all Aquarians. This is because Aquarius really does like attention just as much as its counterpart (Leo) only more in the intellectual way of attention, rather than the physical performing way.

  3. Anon says:

    I’ll also add that the attention these two signs generally ask for is just to give something positive back. Leo gives inspirational vitality, and Aquarius gives intellectual vitality.

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